Gabi Hegan – Founder 

Gabi Hegan, a Munich native living in NYC since 1999, founded CityKinder in 2010 to serve expats and their families living and working in the New York City metro area. What started as a one-woman-show has since grown into 2 platforms, a magazine and the annual ICH BIN EXPAT FAIR.  It is our mission to support and accompany, guide and help German-speaking expats to settle in their new environment.



Melanie Grossmann – 
Manager ICH BIN EXPAT FAIR | Website Coordinator

Melanie joined the CityKinder team in 2017. She is happily married to a NYC native. They have moved numerous times between Germany / USA and one year in France. She is a true moving-pro, after returning to the U.S. for the third time. The couple settled (for good now) at the Jersey Shore, where their 12 year old daughter, who was born in NJ, attends school.

Melanie worked last at Kloster Eberbach situated in the beautiful Rheingau area and is always on the hunt for a good Riesling or a German Bratwurst. She is a big formula one fan and can always be found at the Steuben parade or any Carnival festivity.



Conny Gärtner – Graphic Designer

Conny and her husband had always dreamt about going abroad together and they were given the chance to move to the US by his company in 2015. As a freelancer she had established her own graphic design and photography business serving a variety of customers across a diversity of industries including R&D and higher education, politics, renewable energy, and engineering in Germany. After getting settled in the US she started working again and joined CityKinder in 2017.

In her spare time Conny can be found at the volleyball court or hiking through New Jersey’s woods.


Kathrin Tartler – CTO

Kathrin and her husband Reinhard moved to New York from Nürnberg in autumn 2013. After completing her degree in computer science in Germany, Kathrin worked for five years as a software developer in a marketing company.

Her responsibilities included the development of CRM solutions, bonus programs and webshops for clients like SportScheck, Charles Vögele and John Deere.

She joined CityKinder in 2014 and is responsible for everything that has to do with digital, including the website and online-mailings. Kathrin was promoted to CTO in 2017 and oversees the online promotion of CityKinder, HEIMAT abroad and ICH BIN EXPAT FAIR.