About the Sponsor

Crossculture academy prepares expatriates with intercultural trainings on more than 140 target countries.

We provide country trainings and coachings, e-learning courses and a Global Mobility Platform - with us, you have access to "the whole world" in one step.

You tell us the place of origin and destination of your international assignee - and leave everything else to us. We know what is important. Your expatriates are in good hands with us.

Our more than 450 trainers and coaches are multilingual. All of them know intercultural challenges from personal experiences.

We know how foreign assignments can be successful, how they can increase the success of your company, and how they can enrich everyone on board with a new world view.

Our goal is to work with your employees to identify their own cultural roots, discover new ways of doing things, quickly become capable of acting in the new country and implement this with ease.


Contact: Steffen Henkel

Managing Director

[email protected]


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Why we are a trusted partner as an intercultural support provider:

  • One stop shop: virtual and face two face trainings, E-Learning-Courses and Global Mobility Platform
  • More then 450 trainers, facilitators and coaches world wide
  • Thorough quality management process through our TrainerNavigator-Tool, leading to trainings that really help
  • Constant Net Promoter Score of over 80
  • 99% Success Rate according to participant’s feedback
  • Get the right trainer for your specific training needs
  • Privileged Expat Programs
  • Low-Cost Insurance