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About the Conference

The ICH BIN EXPAT Virtual Conference is the one-stop-destination for German-speaking expats to gather valuable information, learn from experts, exchange experiences and connect. 

No matter if you are in the planning stages, already a seasoned expat, or a long-term resident (we like to call them "Hängengebliebene") you will find a wealth of information at this event.

During this 4-day conference you will receive curated advice from experts on (almost) every challenge you might come across on your expat journey.

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Who benefits from the event?

German speaking Expats and their families in the U.S.

Future Expats planning to relocate to the U.S.

Global mobility and HR experts hiring international Expats

Does this sound like you?

Moving to and living in the US is easy - until it's not... 

Many expats underestimate the cultural differences and challenges one can face moving to the US. Most of us have been in America for vacation before our move and are definitely familiar with differing cultural aspects. We've all seen the Hollywood movies and shows, right?  But what about building a real life in the US? That's a whole lot different! 

If you are still in the planning phases, this event will help you save countless hours while you prepare for your expat stay in the US. If you are already here, we are sure you will find plenty of tips and insights to make your live a bit easier, wherever you are on your expat journey. 

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Founder Gabi Hegan with daughter Lily

How it all works


Workshops, Interviews and Presentations

We lined up the best experts and speakers to help you plan, move and settle into your new life in the US.

Participate on your own time

Some topics will be pre-recorded while others will be presented live with the option to ask questions. Tune in during your morning coffee, lunch break or any time that works for you. 

Choose how you want to join

Join for a day of your choice, the whole event or keep access for 6 months after the conference.


Choose your topic and join us for a day or get access to all sessions and networking events with our 4 Day or VIP all access pass. 

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What you get out of it 

  • Learn from our experts through presentations, interviews or live online workshops
  • Meet and connect with other expats in our interactive networking sessions (optional)
  • Save yourself tons of time spent on research 
  • Option to upgrade to our VIP level with 6 months access to all content plus BONUSES
  • Raffle prizes and give aways during the event
    Virtual goodie bag with digital products, discount codes, and vouchers
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Early Bird Tickets

Book your ticket by August 31 and take advantage of our early bird rates. 


Why we created this event

Relocating to a different country involves juggling many moving pieces. Some challenges are obvious and there are many amazing companies out there to help with the planning stages and settling in. BUT - what happens when the "moving dust" has settled? When you have to fit into your new work environment, find a new identity or job as an expat partner, and need to make sure your kids are adjusting well, all while you are trying to figure out how on earth to build a credit history (and what exactly is that)?

The creators of this event and all our speakers have either been in your shoes before or have been working for years with expats and know their challenges. 

We are excited to meet you and answer your questions during 4 days full of knowledge, sprinkled wtih community access and entertainment.... YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Attending conference with a notebook


Learn from the Experts

We carefully selected experts that cover a wide array of topics and challenges you might run into during your expats journey. Join their presentations and workshops or listen to their interviews. 

Meet the community


Join the Community 

We have at least one networking component every day of the conference, plus you get to join the exclusive Facebook pop-up group. Depending on where you live there may also be opportunities to join live networking events hosted by our partners.

Wilkommen in Amerika Freebie


Hands-on resources

Take advantage of bonus eBooks, PDF's, Videos, Online Courses and more provided by our speakers and by HEIMAT abroad

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Our Topics - Themenübersicht


We grouped the topics into 4 main themes. Most sessions will be held in German which is reflected in the title. Some session are held in English which is designated with an (E) after the title. 

Day 1: Moving & Repatriation

Wednesday, 3rd Nov,  2021

Ob du gerade bei den Vorbereitungen auf die USA bist oder schon wieder an die Rückkehr denkst, hier bist du richtig!

Preparing for the big move | Vorbereitung auf den Umzug

Repatriation: Moving back home

Day 2: Finance, Legal & Health Care 

Thursday, 4th Nov,  2021

Heute geht's ans Eingemachte! hier bekommst du von unseren Experten Tipps rund um Immigration, Finanzen, Versicherung und viele andere Themen. 

Finances / Finanzen:

Insurance / Versicherung:

  • Expat Versicherung - auf was muss man achten? 
  • Understanding the health care system in the US (E)
  • Welche zusätzlichen Versicherungen brauche ich in den USA?

Legal & Immigration / Rechtliches & Einwanderung

  • The "other" planned parenthood: Testament, Trusts, Vormundschaft....
  • Der Weg zur Green Card and Dual Citizenship

Day 3: Work, Career & Personal Development 

Friday, 4th Nov,  2021

Ob Entsandte:r oder Partner:in - diese Themen kannst du heute erwarten

Day 4: Family, Education & Childcare

Saturday, 6th Nov,  2021

Heute geht es um Familie, Schule, Mehrsprachigkeit, Kultur und Alltagsleben in den USA

Schwangerschaft & Baby

Kinderbetreuung & Schule 

Family Support für Expats


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