Our Story

Behind every event in an idea and a story. This is ours!

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Our Story

Like so many great ideas the story of the ICH BIN EXPAT Virtual Conference started with a cup of coffee….

In January 2017 I met with Irene Fuchs, Membership and Event Director at the GACC in New York, to throw around a few ideas. While we talked “business” we also started sharing some of the challenges we were facing being an Expat (parent) in the US. While we both loved living in New York, we realized we shared many challenges we had to figure out over the years. There are many topics we both did not consider before moving and we wanted to share our experiences with fellow expats. That year the ICH BIN EXPAT Fair in New York was born and proved very successful. Four years and one pandemic later we had to re-think our concept and are excited to present the ICH BIN EXPAT Virtual Conference. Why? 

“Because moving to the US is easy - or isn't it?!”

Many expats, especially from Western Europe, generally underestimate the cultural differences and challenges one can face when moving to the US. They may have been in the US for vacation and are familiar with the common cultural aspects before their move. We've all seen enough Hollywood movies to know the culture, right?  But when it comes to building a real life in the US, that’s a whole different story…

And the challenges don’t stop once the movers have left and the boxes are unpacked, as real life starts now… Work, social life, having a baby, school, health care, language, travel, immigration status - just to name a few.

Who should attend the ICH BIN EXPAT Virtual Conference?

Every German, Swiss or Austrian planning to move or living in the US!

If you are still in the planning phases, this event will help you save countless hours while you prepare for your expat journey in the US. 

If you are already here, you will find plenty of topics to make your life a bit easier and provide some tips and answers to questions you might not even know you had…

Especially if you are relocating with your family, we highly recommend joining us.

A happy family is an important component for a successful relocation and international work assignment.

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