The New Normal - Using Investment discipline for what might come next


James F. Clarkeand Britta Faust-Burak


Nov 4, 2021 | 2PM EST

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The Clarke Group is an experienced wealth management team with over 25 years of investment management guiding high net worth individuals and families throughout all stages of their financial lives. Jim and Britta help their clients articulate their priorities and create strategies to pursue them. They utilize Merrill’s proprietary software to construct a viable wealth management plan for each client, and they implement customized portfolios to help clients realize their stated goals.In addition to portfolio management, Britta and Jim advise on retirement income planning, life and health insurance, and trust and estate strategies. They also provide their clients with access to the full array of banking and lending solutions through Bank of America. Jim and Britta leverage their diverse backgrounds to serve a sophisticated clientele, among them members of the LGBTQ+ and German-American communities.



James F. Clarkeand Britta Faust-Burak, 

Financial Advisor, Portfolio Manager

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 Change is the only constant in the world today. Over the past year and a half we’ve encountered a global pandemic which ushered in a recession and historic volatility.  Investors with the right asset allocation and the ability to stay the course were able to weather this storm and benefit from the significant recovery in asset prices.   Having a goals-based financial plan and a well-diversified portfolio is essential to growing your wealth over the long run.

  • Investors should be prepared for bouts of unpredictable volatility
  • Trying to time the market can lead to inferior long term returns and potentially derail even the best laid plans
  • The importance of a disciplined, goals-based investment strategy, especially during volatile times, to achieve stated objectives

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