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Global Village Law is a division of THE VILLAGE LAW FIRM™ in New York City, which provides comprehensive tax and estate planning for cross-border families.   
Why It’s Important for your Family.
Every parent living in the United States should have a plan in place to take care of their family in the event of a death or a debilitating illness. This is particularly true if your close family members live  outside of this country.
Did you know that if something happens to you and your partner and you don’t have the right legal documents in place...

  • Your child could end up a ward of the state and be placed in the foster care system if close family members live outside the U.S.
  • A U.S. court will supervise your children’s inheritance until they turn 18, and the money may not be available for their care.
  • Your relatives will be stuck navigating the U.S. legal system and paying U.S. lawyer and court fees without having any access to your assets to cover the costs.
  • A chunk of your kids’ inheritance can end up going to taxes.

Even if one parent survives, half of a deceased spouse’s assets will be frozen by the court until your child turns 18.
If this sounds like it would be a nightmare for your loved ones, it would be.
That’s why our firm is committed to helping families just like yours legally and financially protect their families.

How We Help

We help you put a plan in place to ensure your children would be cared for by someone you trust, your assets would be available to take care of your children, your family wouldn’t pay more taxes than necessary, and your loved ones wouldn’t be stuck navigating a foreign legal system.

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How We Help: Our Services and Who We Serve

We focuse on the following services:
  • Estate planning for global families
  • Planning for cross-border inheritances
  • Gift and Estate tax planning
  • Expatriation planning 


THE VILLAGE LAW FIRM™ team has helped hundreds of foreign nationals protect their families, preserve their assets, and minimize their taxes. By collaborating with legal professionals in other countries, we provide seamless advice across borders so you can have peace of mind that all your assets are legally protected and tax-optimized, wherever they are located.

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